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Basic Payment Scheme Window Opens for 2023

The Basic Payment Scheme (often referred to as 'Single Farm Payment') window has now opened.

Submission must be prior to 15th May 2023 to avoid a penalty being applied to the final payment.

For those people that are unaware, the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is a subsidy provided to landowners based upon the the amount and type of land that they farm. Any landowner with more than 5 hectares (12.35 acres) can apply. As the landowner, you must have the correct type and number of entitlements (1 entitlement per hectare) in order to make your claim.

We can assist with:

- Advice on your potential to make a claim

- Registering your business with the Rural Payments Agency

- Registering your land in order to claim

- Acquiring entitlements

- Selling entitlements

- Submission of BPS applications

If you would like advice as an existing BPS customer or as a potential new entrant to the scheme then please get in touch today.

Mobile: 07857 877925


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