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Increased Capital Grant Payment Rates

Countryside Stewardship & Sustainable Farming Incentive

The RPA have announced that they will backdate increased capital payment rates to 1st January 2023. They were originally proposing a start date of 5th January, which would have excluded all of the Mid-Tier schemes starting this year. This is welcome news to many farmers/landowners across the country.

Example items under the scheme that could be of interest to many landowners:

- Sheep Netting - £7.47 per metre - Concrete Yard Renewal/Extension - £33.64 per m² - Roofing over a muck midden / silage clamp / sprayer washdown area or livestock gathering area - £72.50 per m² - Livestock/Machinery hardcore tracks - £44.63 per metre - Surface Water Collection Tanks - £73.34 per m³ - Stone Wall Restoration - £31.91 per metre - Gapping up hedgerow - £17.22 per metre - Planting new hedgerow - £22.97 per metre - Hedgerow Laying - £13.52 per metre - Hedgerow Coppicing - £5.33 per metre

There's plenty of other options available if none of the above suit. Please get in touch if you are interested, we'd be happy to assist.

Luke - 07857 877925

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